Ford Motor Company officials realized about the time they decided to build their new

Transit Van at the Claycomo plant that they had a problem. Vehicle Logistics Supervisor Sean Grant says Ford was about to build a van that it could not ship to its dealers.

“It didn’t take long to see that two versions of it were too tall to fit into our standard railcars,” he says.

Ford and three railroads, Union Pacific, Norfolk Southern, and Canada National, have modified 370 vehicle freight cars so the larger transit vans can be hauled.

Double-decked rail cars were modified by raising the top deck floor, leaving the top level for small vehicles but creating one lower level for the two taller Transit Vans, which are 100 and 110-inches high.

He says Ford is producing about 200 of the vans each day at Claycomo. They’re starting to trickle into dealerships now.

AUDIO: Grant interview 13:11