The state transportation department will be holding 21 regional meetings in the next few days to review a long list of proposed projects and programs to be financed by the sales tax increase. But the list of 811 projects scattered through seven regions will be only paper if the tax is not approved in the August election. Chief engineer Ed Hassinger says failure would wipe out eighteen months of work tailoring lists to areas.

Most of the projects focus on roads and bridges. But they also include public transportation, airports, riverports, hiking and biking facilities, and some projects include such things as sidewalks and bus stops.

The department already has held review meetings in Hannibal, Kirksville, and Cape Girardeau. Hassinger says response has been generally good. “We saw the gamut…of various interests…Some people were disappointed that their project was not on the list but I’d say overall the feedback has been really good,” he says.

The final version of the list will be compiled after the last of the public meetings a week from today.

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