The Kansas City veterans hospital has admitted to Senator Blunt it had one of “those” secret lists of veterans waiting more than ninety days for care. But Blunt thinks some positives are starting to work themselves out of the situation.

Blunt had sent a letter to the Kansas City Medical Center after the Veterans Affairs Heartland Network had confirmed a list existed at the Wichita VA hospital and another unnamed center.   He already had learned a dozen veterans had waited more than ninety days in Kansas City. Poplar Bluff had a list of 14; St. Louis, 26, and Columbia, 19. But Kansas City has admitted more after getting the letter from Blunt.

But he says the controversy leads to a discussion of new ways and new places for veterans to get care–although he says the VA system should be better with some issues than mainline hospitals.

He says younger veterans, seem to favor that idea…

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Blunt says the goal should be for veterans to get the best health care in the best places for them.   He says the focus of health care should be what’s best for the veterans, not best for the Veterans Administration.