Almost ninety percent of Missouri’s school buses have finished the year without safety concerns after the Highway Patrol’s inspection of almost 12,000 of them.

The annual inspections have found no problems with 10,161 Missouri school buses. But 1,431 have failed inspections for minor things such as a cracked tail light lens. The bus owners can continuing the using the bus because the condition is not considered unsafe. But the problem has to be fixed within ten days.

But Patrol spokesman John Hotz says 405 buses have been taken out of service because of problems that affect bus safety. “They could be exhaust leaks that allow exhaust to come up into the passenger compartment,” he says. Brakes are a frequent issue.  

The patrol won’t allow those buses back on the road until the major repairs have been made and the Patrol has ruled the buses roadworthy again.

On the other side of things is the Total Fleet Excellence recognition. It has gone to 258 school districts that had less than ten percent of their buses placed out of service.      

The buses have to go through a regular vehicle inspection before they can haul students for the next school year.

AUDIO: Hotz interview