This doesn't end well for Billy Butler (video screen shot from

This doesn’t end well for Billy Butler (video screen shot from

It’s a play right out of Little League.  9-year old Johnny hits a ball to right field, but because the right fielder is playing just past the dirt, the ball hits him in the leg, or stomach, or some other body part, because a coach usually sticks the worst player in right field.  The ball plops down right in front of him.  It’s a short throw to first and Johnny gets nailed by a step.   A fairly common play in sandlots all over the country.

But when it happens in the Major Leagues, it’s a bit embarrassing.  While it does happen it’s rare, but last night Royals DH Billy Butler was the victim as he was thrown out at first base on a ball hit to right field.  Now before you start laughing or making fun of Billy, check out my video as I point out some observations to prove it was just bad luck.