Governor Jay Nixon (D) says he will freeze another $35.1-million in education spending due to a continuing decline in revenue from lottery and gaming. Nixon says he will restrict the spending of $10.5-million for four-year higher education institutions and $24.6-million from the K-12 education funding formula.

Lottery and gaming revenue are directed to education by Missouri law.

This latest action is in addition to $22-million he restricted in higher education and K-12 spending in April. Nixon had asked the legislature to provide $44-million in a mid-fiscal-year supplemental budget to make up for lottery and gaming revenue falling short. Legislative budget makers thought $22-million was enough and provided that amount instead. Nixon then withheld $15.6-million from K-12 schools and $3.2-million each from community colleges and four-year universities.

Nixon says he remains concerned that the legislature didn’t account for lottery and gaming revenue trending lower in its fiscal year 2015 budget, sent to the governor less than two weeks ago.

Read the statement from Gov. Nixon’s office