This year’s effort to nullify federal gun laws and regulations has been talked to death in the senate. The bill didn’t come up until only twenty minutes were left in the session. Senators Jolie Justus of Kansas City and Paul Levota of Independence led the brief debate that ran out the clock.

Justus noted during the debate that, “We know that Missouri is not filled with extremists. Missouri is filled with folks (who) are worried about things like making sure they get food on their table and getting their kids to a school where they can get a quality education. And these continual sort of news-making type things with the nullification and this and that, it’s just not where we are as a state.”

Levota says the nullification bills “just go too far.”

Senator Brian Nieves of Washington, who has pushed gun law nullification bills in recent sessions, is leaving this year. He has decided to forego running for a second term to seek a position in Franklin County government.