Greg Robinson selected by the St. Louis Rams

Greg Robinson selected by the St. Louis Rams

The St. Louis Rams went with the pick that many experts predicted in mock draft, by selecting Auburn offensive tackle Greg Robinson. He was a third year sophomore with two years of starting experience. He has raw talent, but has a lot to learn in terms of technique.

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According to here are the strengths and weaknesses of Robinson.

Has long arms and excellent overall body mass. Outstanding run blocker with the strength and power to wash down half of the line. Creates a surge and generates power from his lower body. Good get-off and body control. Excellent reach-blocking, chipping and releasing to the second level. Very good balance in his set and is quick to cut off the rush. Can maneuver his hips, shuffle, slide and mirror. Has a strong punch and replaces his hands. Very athletic in vertical sets.

Could stand to refine his technique in pass protection and do a better job finishing blocks. At times will quit after contact and let defenders come underneath or get over the top — handwork is too passive. Developing eyes and awareness vs. the blitz — still learning how to adjust to overload pressure and could improve switching off blocks. Aggressively overextends and occasionally loses balance and falls off blocks.

Robinson, a native of Louisiana, is another kid with a story who has had a rough life. He left Auburn so he could support his family, after his dad died this past April and his mother is struggling to just get by. Two of his four siblings are in prison for selling drugs.