The legislature could finish the override of the governor’s tax bill veto later today.

The last time the legislature overturned a governor’s veto during the same session the veto was issued was in 2011, when Governor Nixon vetoed new congressional districts and the legislature overrode him. That’s the only previous time in modern legislative history when that has happened.

The  bill originated in the Senate, so the veto process began there with sponsor Will Kraus assuring colleagues his cuts would not cause the major problems Kansas’ tax cuts have caused.   Minority Democrats have no strength to fight off the veto, but Senators such as Paul Levota of Independence maintain 80% of the cuts will go to the wealthiest 20% of Missourians.

Minority leader  Jolie Justus, who agrees with LeVota, says Republican tax policy is scrambled.   But eight voting Democrats could not stop the 23 Republicans from voting for the override and sending the bill to the House to finish the job.

The House Republican leadership is confident it will have enough votes to finish the override today.


AUIDO: override debate 34:27