The state House on Tuesday completed its vote to overturn Governor Jay Nixon’s (D) veto of a tax cut proposal, SB 509, that Nixon says would jeopardize funding for state programs including education, and could even prove to eliminate $4.8-billion in revenue.

Upon the House’s vote to complete the veto override, Nixon issued this statement:

“Missouri families and businesses know that public education is the best economic development tool there is, and that is why I vetoed Senate Bill 509,” Gov. Nixon said. “While scaled back from last year’s billion-dollar House Bill 253, Senate Bill 509 fails to prioritize or adequately protect public education at a time when quality public schools are more important than ever to our ability to create jobs in the global economy. And while its authors may have delayed its impact, Senate Bill 509 remains a very real threat to the principles of fiscal discipline that have helped us maintain our spotless AAA rating for decades. As I have from Day One, I will continue to manage the budget with the resources available and keep our state moving forward.”