An emotional state senator hoping an oil made from the hemp plant will change his son’s life has gotten unanimous support for a bill making the oil legal. 

The legislature has sent the Governor a bill legalizing controlled use of CBD oil made from hemp plants for people who suffer uncontrollable seizures caused by Tuberous Sclerosis.   Epilepsy is the most common TSC disorder. 

Steven Schmitt was five months old when he was diagnosed, about sixteen months when he had his first seizure, and two-and-a-half years old when he had one that lasted four hours in which he narrowly escaped an induced coma from which he might never have awakened.

He is now nine years old, still suffering daily seizures. His father is Senator Eric Schmitt, the Senate sponsor of the bill that legalizes the growing of the plant which produces an oil that often works for people like Steven Schmitt when nothing else does.

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Senator Eric Schmitt says hundreds of Missouri families face the same fears and the same hopes.  Some have moved to Colorado where hemp oil already is legal.  He hopes Governor Nixon signs the bill that lets those families find hope here.  

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