The bill that says Missouri can choose which federal gun laws it will recognize needs one more approval from the House before it becomes a matter for the Governor.

The Senate has made some changes in the federal gun law nullification bill, as it’s called by critics, and has asked the House to approve them. Supporters expect Governor Nixon to veto the bill, setting up another override attempt in September.

Last year’s bill would have jailed federal officers enforcing federal gun laws and regulations in Missouri. Senate sponsor Brian Nieves says this year’s bill provides that any local Missouri law enforcement officer who helps the federal government on a suspected gun crime—and who is adjudged to have violated someone’s Second Amendment rights would be barred from any other law enforcement job.

Some urban Democrats say Republicans pushing the nullification bills should do something to help law enforcement officers fighting violent crime instead of punishing them.

The veto of last year’s bill came within two votes of being overridden. Both Senators who voted against the override last year have voted for this year’s bill.

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