The state House is anticipated to take up this week legislation meant to fix the state’s student transfer law.

One of the biggest points of disagreement on the legislation is about a provision that would allow students in unaccredited schools in unaccredited districts to transfer to private schools in the same county or an adjacent one. Unaccredited districts would pay private school tuition with local tax revenue.

Opponents including the Missouri Association of School Administrators say the provision is a step toward vouchers and call it a “deal breaker.”

Proponents say the so-called “private option” is part of giving students in poor-performing districts immediate access to high-quality schools and says it mean the only close option for some students.

In the following Google Hangouts, State Director of the Children’s Education Council of Missouri Kate Casas, who is largely in favor of the legislation, and Pattonville School Superintendent Mike Fulton who says he has some problems with it, discuss their positions.

Superintendent Mike Fulton:

Kate Casas, Children’s Education Council of Missouri: