The first impeachment resolutions calling for Governor Nixon’s ouster from office have gone  before a House committee.  Ash Grove Representative Mike Moon charges Nixon has willfully neglected his duties by delaying special elections to fill vacancies in the House and in the Senate.

Moon says Nixon’s refusal to call special elections to fill legislative vacancies is a willful neglect of duty–an impeachable offense.

He says the failure to call the elections has left 285,000 Missourians without representation in this year’s legislative session.

Nixon has called the elections for August 5th.

Moon says the Governor has called the impeachment resolutions “stunts.”   But he says,  “I  guarantee you I’m no Evel Knievel,” referring to the famous motorcycle stunt rider.

Impeachment involves the filing of charges by the House of Representatives.  The Senate is to pick seven noted judges to hear the charges and five of the seven judges must vote to throw out the office- holder.