Kim Anderson has built and continued a successful basketball program at Central Missouri (photo/UCM Athletics)

Is it time for Kim Anderson to start cutting down nets at Mizzou? (photo/UCM Athletics)

Missouri athletics has struggled in three areas that pertain to basketball. One…finding a coach who is willing to stick around longer than three years. Two…getting in-state players to play for the Tigers. Three…getting fans excited enough to come watch. One coach could help in all three areas. That’s Central Missouri men’s basketball coach Kim Anderson.

Some of the concerns people will throw out there is that he is 59 years old. How long will he be willing to do this? Even if he retires at 63, his shelf life at Mizzou was the same as Mike Anderson and Haith. Anderson is only a Division-II coach. That shouldn’t worry Mizzou. Anderson is a proven winner who doesn’t carry a lot of baggage and he has a keen eye for finding talent and coaching talent. Missouri’s best move is to embrace it’s past so they can build on the future.

I explain more in today’s Missourinet Mornings Video.