The Corps of Engineers is preparing for 1993 on the Missouri River but expecting something less than 2011.

A couple of years of drought in the far upstream stretches of the Missouri River basin have left plenty of room in the reservoir system for the expected runoff from a winter of heavy snows in the mountains.

Natural Disaster Program Manager Josh Marx with the Kansas City Corps office says the early indications point to a typical year on the Missouri.

The reservoirs should keep the snow melt from causing floods across Missouri. But he says there’s nothing the /Corp can do if a big storm system dumps five to ten inches of rain in the basin below the reservoirs some weekend. He sys there’s a high likelihood of minor flooding on the Missouri and maybe some moderate flooding.

Barge companies are about to start the shipping season. He sys the season should be a little limited at the start but should be normal otherwise.

AUDIO: Marx interview 22:16