A story many people recall from their childhood has a real-life counterpart in the adult world. The legisalture is considering what to do about trolls.

Remember that trolls lived under the bridge used by the three Billy Goats Gruff and threatened to gobble them up as they crossed his bridge, until the third goat “crushed him to bits,” as one version goes.

The senate has approved Senator Mike Cunningham’s bill that takes on “patent trolls.”

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He says they usually demand $800 to $1200 dollars per user of their product.

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Cunningham’s bill sets up seven standards the trolls have to meet to prove their cases in Missouri Courts and allows the Attorney General to go after trolls.

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St. Louis Senator Scott Sifton, an attorney, says there are legitimate patent infringement lawsuits, but he calls the letters from patent trolls “legalized ransom” and says it’s time to attack their legality.

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Cunnigham’s bill has been sent to the House. Congress has had similar bills for three years but hasn’t acted.