A proposal to establish new ethics for the people who pass Missouri’s laws has run into critics who say it doesn’t do enough or might do too much.     

Senator Jamilah Nasheed wants to keep lobbyists from providing legislators with travel and tickets to entertainment and sports events.  She has taken campaign contribution limits out of her bill to avoid controversy.  But some senators are ambivalent about supporting the bill without those limits.  

One Senator wants to make the travel and tickets ban apply to statewide office holders as well, which bothers University City Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal, who thinks that would keep private organizations from sponsoring overseas trade missions with the governor.

But Nasheed, who supports including the ban to statewide officials, says technology is the answer. “You can get on Skype and have the greatest dialogue ever as if you were there,” she says.

That comment triggered an even more animated discussion with Chappelle-Nadal, until Nasheed shelved her proposal.

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