The state House has endorsed a bill meant to keep the federal government from enforcing updated regulations on wood burning stoves and furnaces.

The Environmental Protection Agency has proposed standards for makers of wood stoves aiming to reduce emissions by about 80 percent. Manufacturers have testified to lawmakers that the new standards would make stoves too costly for most consumers and could put them out of business.

The proposal offered by Representative Tim Remole (R-Excello) would block new regulations of wood burning appliances at homes or businesses. It also aims to prohibit the state Department of Natural Resources from regulating the manufacture, performance or use of residential wood stoves without the approval of the General Assembly.

The proposal is HB 1302

Remole says new regulations of wood burning are an attack on low-income families.

“As gas prices soared throughout the winter months we saw how important this issue is for Missourians. Many folks across the state contacted my office to express that wood burning is the only way they can afford to heat their homes.”

The proposal received bipartisan support. Representative Linda Black (D-Desloge) says it would allow Missourians to, “enjoy the same comforts in their home that they always have … This is one we need to send a message. It’s time to stop overreaching in the State of Missouri with regulations from the federal level.”

The proposal needs one favorable vote to go to the Senate.