A second important income tax deadline is a little more than three weeks away and it could mean a lot of money for Missourians who didn’t do something three years ago.

The Internal Revenue Service estimates more than $13-million could be waiting for almost 18,000 Missourians who did not file income tax returns for 2010.  Spokesman Michael Devine says they should not be afraid to claim the refunds because they broke no laws in failing to file.  He says laws are violated only if a person owes taxes and doesn’t pay them.

But the deadline to make claims for refunds is April 15.  And some who did not file because they didn’t make much money in 2010 might be passing up a lot more money from the Earned Income Tax Credit program.

Devine says the first thing to do is to check personal and IRS records to confirm that no return was filed.   A form is available online or at an IRS office if one needs to be filed.  The forms cannot be e-filed, however,  because the software used to process claims in 2011 has been replaced by newer software.  Devine says they’ll have to be snail-mailed in.

AUDIO: Devine interview 8:23