Former Missouri Tiger Ian  Kinsler, now with Detroit (MLB)

Former Missouri Tiger Ian Kinsler, now with Detroit (MLB)

Ian Kinsler, three-time All-Star who was traded to the Detroit Tigers for slugger Prince Fielder, did a recent interview with ESPN The Magazine and had some harsh words for his former ball club, the Texas Rangers.  In particular, Kinsler didn’t hold back on his criticism of G.M. Jon Daniels. He called Daniels a “sleazebag,” who had a big ego and tried to take all the credit for the Rangers success, when all the credit should go to Nolan Ryan. Kinsler claims Ryan was forced out of the organization by Daniels.

Kinsler said the Texas clubhouse fell apart when the Rangers traded veteran Michael Young to Phildelphia and admits he was uncomfortable becoming the de-facto leader of the team.  Kinsler said of his former team, “I hope they go 0-162.  I got friends, and I love my friends, but I hope they lose their ass.”

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