The first GOP candidate in the 2016 race for Governor says she wants Missouri to become a right-to-work state.

“Right to Work” is what supporters call the policy that would bar the practice of making the payment of union dues a requisite of employment.

Catherine Hanaway says enacting such a policy would make Missouri more competitive.

“I absolutely want Missouri to be on a level playing field with all the states that are attracting major auto plants, major manufacturing plants and they’re just flying over Missouri,” claims Hanaway.

She says she would also back what supporters call “paycheck protection.”

“I think protecting the paychecks of people who do work in union environments so that their dues aren’t spent on political campaigns that they don’t support … it would be a step forward.”

Hanaway also says she would support a tax cut proposal such as what Republican lawmakers are trying to send to Governor Nixon this year, but doesn’t say she would have signed the bill that Nixon vetoed last year.

“I think there were improvements that needed to be made to that bill,” says Hanaway, “but that’s where you need leadership from the Governor. The legislative session’s five months long. The legislature didn’t keep it a secret that they were gonna pass a tax cut. If there were improvements to be made the Governor should have been walking the halls … and have discussion with the legislative leaders and try and shape the bill into something that he can sign.”

Hanaway says she will spend this year traveling to Republican events throughout the state trying to raise money and support to take on Democratic gubernatorial candidate Chris Koster.

Some Republicans have expressed disapproval of Hanaway announcing as a candidate so early, and say it is disrespectful to others who might choose to run.