The Missouri Department of Transportation Traveler Information Map — go to — currently shows most of the state’s roads as being snow covered, expect for extreme southeast Missouri and extreme northwest Missouri.

The winter storm began dumping snow in western Missouri early this morning, and left several inches on the ground throughout most of the state by noon.

Meteorologist John Carney with the National Weather Service in St. Louis says with temperatures below freezing through the weekend, it looks like the snow will be here for awhile. This storm should taper off by Wednesday morning, he says, and the National Weather Service will focus its attention on another system that’s expected to come in over the weekend.

To see specific snowfall amounts forecasted for your area, click on the infographics below.

Meantime, MoDOT has issued a “no-travel advisory,” and the Missouri Highway Patrol is urging motorists to stay home if they are able to.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol emergency number is 1-800-525-5555 (or *55 on a cellular phone). These numbers ring at the nearest troop headquarters.

“Before you travel, make certain your vehicle is in good working condition,” the Patrol says. “That includes all fluid levels, brakes, hoses, etc. The Missouri State Highway Patrol suggests keeping your fuel tank at least half full. Place an ice scraper, tire chains, battery booster cables, blankets, flashlight, and a bag of sand or kitty litter in your trunk. Emergencies cannot be predicted, but planning ahead can help you if one should arise. Missouri’s Road Condition Report (1-888-275-6636) can help you plan your route–before you leave. You may also view MoDOT’s Road Condition Map by going to the Patrol’s web site and clicking on the Road Condition icon. When roads become slick from ice and snow the Patrol encourages motorists to refrain from driving unless absolutely necessary.”