New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees is pressured to throw by St. Louis Rams Robert Quinn (94) and Chris Long (91) in the fourth quarter at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis on December 15, 2013. St. Louis won the game 27-16.  UPI/Bill Greenblatt

Imagine an NFL game, where teams went for more two point conversions?  UPI/Bill Greenblatt

Roger Goodell was on the NFL Network and talked about doing away with kicking extra points and just giving teams 7 points for a touchdown. He also pointed out teams could still run or pass from the two yard line to pick up an 8th point. Goodell really seemed excited about the fact that if the conversion failed, the team would lose a point and go to 6.  Goodell wants to make the game more exciting by eliminating something as easy as an extra point.

I agree, but I don’t like an offense losing a point because it penalizes a team for being aggressive.

When the NFL talks about changing the game they stay within the same parameters that have been in place for years. By just eliminating the point after try, you’re not really increasing the excitement of the game, just limiting the number of useless plays.

My solution?

–No more extra points and now field goals are worth 4 points instead of 3!

–Touchdowns are 7 points. You can run a two point conversion play with no fear of losing points, but if you convert a run or pass from the 2 yard line, you get two more points…so a potential of 9 points on each touchdown!

Before you say “That won’t work,” or “That doesn’t make sense,” etc. etc, just hear my out, watch the video and listen to my reasoning. I think you’ll like it.

Under my scoring system, you encourage teams to go for the two-point conversions to make 9 points. Example…if the Chiefs score a touchdown and go up 7-0, they have a chance without the risk of losing points to convert from the two yard line and take a 9-0 lead. If the Rams answered with drives that resulted in two field goals…we have a 9-8 game.

Progress through the game. Let’s say the Chiefs are up 9-8 and they score another touchdown to take a 16-8 lead.  What are they going to do? Of course, go for the two points…why? Because an 18-8 lead means that even if the Rams kick two more field goals, the Chiefs are still up 18-16. Miss that two point conversion, it’s still a 16-8 lead for the Chiefs and the best the Rams can do is tie the game with two more field goals.

In my opinion, four trips close enough to kick field is just as successful as a team that scores two touchdowns and a fail on a two point conversion.

Let’s go back to same scenario of Chiefs up 9-8…but instead, the Rams score a touchdown and go up 15-9. They go for the two point conversion and succeed, it’s now 17-9. As this game moves on, guess what happens if the Chiefs score the next touchdown? A 17-16 game and now the Chiefs need to go for the two point conversion to take the lead or still trail.

Basically there is no reason to not go for two point conversions, which creates more excitement.  The two point conversions would become the NHL’s version of a shootout, yet as a fan you don’t have to wait for the end of the game.  With scores ending in combinations of 4, 7 or 9, I believe you could eliminate more opportunities to play for ties.

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