If it’s in the Yellow Pages, don’t do it. That’s the message Americans for Prosperity MO has for state government. The conservative advocacy group launched its Path to Prosperity project today at the Missouri State Capitol, where it unveiled its comprehensive policy. The group’s goal is to approach legislators with nine key issues that it says will create an economic environment for long term sustainable job growth.

The nine policy areas include: Prosperity & Freedom, Tax Reform, Education, Spending & Budget, Patient Protections, Energy, Regulatory Reform, Privatization & Municipal Reforms, Worker Freedoms.

The group announced in a press release that it will highlight its first of nine legislative areas – Prosperity and Freedom — by delivering 200 Yellow Pages to legislators, asking lawmakers to review state government priorities by applying the Yellow Pages test:  “If it’s in the Yellow Pages, government should consider not doing it.”

Americans for Prosperity says government should concentrate on delivering “inherently governmental” services — those that should be performed by public employees, like public safety and judicial systems — while contracting with businesses and nonprofit organizations for other services.