The House Committee on Workforce Development and Public Safety is holding a hearing at this hour on proposed “Right to Work” legislation (HB 1099) sponsored by Representative Eric Burlison (R-Springfield). House Republican Leadership has said “Right to Work” will be a priority again this year, as evidenced by holding a hearing on the first Monday of the legislative session.

Supporters say “Right to Work” would bar the payment of union dues from being a requisite of employment, and argue that businesses have taken jobs out of Missouri or chose not to bring them here because Missouri is not a “Right to Work” state. Opponents say it would allow some workers to become “freeloaders” who benefit from union representation without paying for it.

Chairman Bill Lant (R-Pineville) says the committee will not put time limits on testimony but will cut people off if their testimony becomes “redundant.” The Committee will take a break at 2:00 if necessary.

Watch a live stream of the hearing here.