James Franklin's numbers were not that far off of Chase Daniel's numbers in the '08 Cotton Bowl

James Franklin’s numbers were not that far off of Chase Daniel’s numbers in the ’08 Cotton Bowl.  

I admit I started to waver, like many did, on whether or not Gary Pinkel was making the right decision by leaving James Franklin in at quarterback when the offense stalled in the third quarter and Oklahoma State tied the game at the Cotton Bowl on Friday.

While I asked the question about giving Franklin a breather  in the form of a second offensive series for Maty Mauk in the second quarter, I also noticed there was more than just Franklin struggling that caused the offense to sputter in the third quarter.  In fact someone asked me on Twitter if I was related to Pinkel, as if I was somehow defending him.

What many of us don’t realize is when things are working perfectly, the best move to make is by not making any move.

While fans were yelling on Twitter to mix things up, some calling him stubborn, Pinkel stuck with his plan and you what? It worked.  Plus, consider this.  When many wanted Mauk to get chance, the Tigers were leading?  In fact, OSU didn’t take the lead until there was just over five minutes left in the game.

When you watched the Chiefs game on Saturday, and saw Andrew Luck throw three interceptions and have his team down 38-10 in the third quarter, their coaches didn’t bail and bring in another quarterback to change things around.  Look how it turned out? Andrew Luck delivered when it mattered. Stick with the guys who got you there. It’s really simple, yet there are only certain people (Head coaches) who can block out their emotions and stick with what works. Pinkel did the same thing with Franklin and it worked.