This is battery-killing…and potentially person-killing weather….

But Meteorologist Matthew Dukes with the National Weather Service in Pleasant Hill says there’s good news, though. The coldest weather in almost two decades will be short-lived. He expects temperatures to rebound as early as tomorrow.

He says we might see temperatures in many places hiting the freezing mark by Thursday with some 40s by Friday and Saturday.

The worst windchill of the moring, he says, is at Kirksville, 33-below with a thermometer reading of minus-11. The warmest places early this morning were Poplar Bluff, with an 8 a.m. reading of five-above, and Cape Girardeau, where the low was two-above zero.

Western Missouri got two to 4 inches of snow during the weekend.,…Some parts of eatern Missouri got ten inches to a foot. He says temperatures should warm by the end of the week, but not enough to cause the snow to go all the way away.

AUDIO: Dukes interview 2:26