Thousands of Missourians who’ve been without a job for a long time are facing the end of their unemployment benefits. More than 21,700 Missourians are getting federal emergency unemployment compensation benefits. They’re among 1.3-million Americans whose extended payments are ending today after almost 29 weeks. They’ve been getting average payments of $241.18 a week. A department spokesman expects most of those Missourians will file for their last payments on Monday and will receive their checks on Tuesday or Wednesday.

The United States Department of Labor estimates about two-million more Americans, including thousands more Missourians, will run out of benefits in the first six months of 2014.

But the department says the end of the benefits is not the end of the world for many of those Missourians. The department has several career centers and re-employment services available where help is available. The department also lists available jobs on its website,