The Attorney General is warning that some scammers who are not directly involved in the Target credit card breach are trying to defraud Target customers another way. The people who got personal information from Target’s credit card accounts  started this and have their own operations.  But right behind them, says the Attorney General, are those who are pretending to help the victims of the first bunch.  These are the people who call vitims and ask for personal and financial information under the guise that they need the information to help the customer get money back.

What they really want is information that enables them to get into someone’s bank accounts, too.

The Attorney General says the best way to be safe is to never give out personal information through the telephone or to internet strangers asking for it.  Contact your credit card company and, if needed, get a new card.  Check your bills for unwanted purchases and call the card company if some show up.  And let the Attorney General know if you re contacted by a scammer.