I’ll skip Super Bowl parties, watching games at a bar and in some cases not even going to venues so that I can really watch a big game, hear the commentators and see the game up close.  I’ve been that way for the last 20 years.

As a fan of college football, there is part of me that wishes I didn’t have to work the SEC Championship game. Constantly typing notes, calling in phone updates, chatting with people on Twitter, updating Facebook, its part of the job, but sometimes it’s fun to just be a fan of the game. For example, we didn’t have instant replay where my group was sitting in the media section. I didn’t know until a follower on Twitter told me Mizzou got away with one when DGB caught/dropped his first TD of the game.

However, the other side of it, my vantage point and resources made available to me and the rest of the media gave me an opportunity to see the game differently than someone at home.  I tried to captured some of those moments for you with behind the scenes videos and interview on our videos here at Missourinet.com.  I hope you enjoyed the coverage.  Now, let’s get ready for the Cotton Bowl.