Missouri fans feel it. Media members outside of Missouri agree with it. The Missouri players sense it as well. There seems to be a lack of respect regarding the Tigers. While we always hear “What have you done for me lately?” the question towards Missouri always seems to be “What have you done?”

Florida State, Ohio State and Auburn have all won national championships in the past. Mizzou has not.  That history seems to give those teams some type of benefit of the doubt. Mizzou wide receiver L’Damian Washington feels the lack of respect, as I’m sure many of his teammates do. Washington guesses they may be the first 11-win SEC team that has been an underdog every week.  Missouri started the week as a two-point favorite. Now?  Two-point underdog.

So far the talk around the country, when it comes to hypothetical scenarios, usually go something like this–“Well, if Ohio State wins, what happens to Auburn?” or “If Michigan State wins, then Auburn will play Florida State.”

Where’s Mizzou in the BCS discussion? If they can take of business on Saturday here in Atlanta, it will be tough to ignore Mizzou.