Greetings from Atlanta. It took us just a little over ten hours to get down here and that included a couple of Dunkin’ Donut stops and lunch at Zaxby’s for a chicken sandwich.

So we made it to Atlanta and I helped our Columbia affiliate, KTGR, set up for a live broadcast and I joined them for a couple of segments at a sports bar called STATS.  Now, I’ve got my next Google Hangout with Scott Page of


Scott wrote two articles pointing out the five keys for each team…Mizzou and Auburn. He writes:

Tigers (East) vs. Tigers (West) is certainly not the matchup everyone expected, but it’s going to be exciting when Missouri and Auburn face off in the Georgia Dome Saturday afternoon. There really aren’t two more similar teams in the SEC. Statistically, these Tigers have near identical stripe patterns, ranking next to or near one another in a number of categories. There’s a good chance this game could be really, really close.