A judge in Jefferson City says a proposal to limit money in political campaigns says the petition is not quite ready for prime time.

Retired financier Rex Sinquefield, who has made six-figure contributions to some political campaigns and who has self-financed proposals to change the state constitution, had challenged a plan to tighly limit the amount he and others could contibute to campaigns. Missouri has no limits on campaign donations now.

A judge says the limits are properly explained by the Secretary of State. But the judge has found problems in the way the Auditor estimated the costs of the limits to the state. The auditor has been ordered to prepare a better one.

Sinquefield also had claimed the petition would establish unconstitutional limits on political speech. But the judge says this is not the time to raise those issues. Traditionally, such claims are aired in the courts if a proposal becomes law.

Supporters of the petition campaign hope to get enough signatures to put it on the ballot next year.