I didn’t post a Missourinet Mornings video yesterday and I didn’t feel like posting one today. Just as I was getting ready in the studio to record yesterday’s video, I received word that Tipton High School junior Chad Stover died from his head injury during a football game on Halloween.

It was difficult calling up the school as I tried to get confirmation. It has to be difficult for those working at the school to field calls in a professional manner while dealing with their own grief and those they educate. Not only was Chad a student and athlete at the school, but his mother Amy worked at the school.

It was a difficult story to cover…I’m still heartbroken for that family.

Today, I’ll share my opinions on Dwayne Bowe and his pot problem ahead of the Chiefs-Broncos game and if Yadier Molina got the short end of the stick in MVP voting for the National League.

Those are the  two topics I cover today, but they really seem insignificant when it comes down to it. I’m still thinking about the Stover family. My family’s prayers are with you all.