South Carolina is the only team in the SEC off this weekend, Georgia steps out of conference play to take on Appalachian State and the rest of the ho-hum matchups feature Vandy at Florida, Arkansas at Ole Miss and Mississippi State at Texas A & M.

The two guys I’m interested in (outside Mizzou at Kentucky) are Auburn at Tennessee–a win by the Vols would be helpful to Mizzou and then the game everyone will be watching LSU at Alabama.

The hype around this game is justified. This will mark the fourth consecutive time that one of the two squads is ranked first in the nation at the time of their meeting and the fifth time out of the last seven overall. It will be the eighth straight time that both teams are ranked and, factoring in LSU’s No. 10 ranking in the AP poll, it will be the sixth consecutive time that both teams are ranked in the top 10 in some manner.