OK, so I did it again. Each time I say I will not jump on the bandwagon and start casting opinions until I hear both sides of the story I go ahead and do it anyway.

A story of mine on Miami O-lineman Richie Incognito got a lot of hits on missourinet.com this week. I used the local tie-in to him once playing for the Rams. He was a punk when he was with the Rams, unsportsmanlike penalties that almost cost the Rams games, dismissed from the team by Steve Spagnuolo…plus he was suspended and kicked off of two college football programs in a month back in 2003, Nebraska and Oregon.

So, when the allegations of bullying came up, I jumped right on and threw in my two cents questioning why this guy is even in the league anymore? He’s disrespected around the league for his dirty play and now this, a voice mail rant and allegations of bullying.

Then we hear from his teammates yesterday and they support Incognito? Bold move for several Dolphins players to say that, especially when Incognito’s name has been smeared across local and national media all week.

That’s when it hits me. We (the public) may not know all there is to the story? However, when it’s all said and done, we’ll know the answers and where to cast the blame and what actions need to take place. However, until then, we (I) need to show more restraint in expressing opinions until I hear both sides of the story.