You could spend 10 minutes reading an article or you can spend just a few minutes and watch my video and get a different perspective on the Cardinals 2013 season.

What you’ll hear and see.

1. I was wrong. I picked the Cardinals in six. I thought Wainwright and Wacha would carry the team. After watching last night, it confirms what I said about Wacha the first time I saw him pitch against the Royals…he’s needs a third pitch if he wants to stick in the majors.

2. The Cardinals couldn’t hit. Big Papi was not the MVP. Jon Lester should have won the award as an extension of that Boston pitching staff.

3. I’m not saying Mike Matheny needs to be fired, I’m not even close to thinking that, but there is room for Matheny to grow and mature as a manager and that was evident in this series.