The National Guard has been hard-hit by mandatory furloughs, but Adjutant General Stephen Danner wants Missourians to know that the guard has been ready to respond if called up by the Governor despite the government shutdown.

Captain Tammy Spicer says weekend drills, which hundreds of Missourians depend on for their income, will resume immediately. Spicer says indications are that those who were furloughed will receive back-pay, but the official word has not come down yet.

“We have called back our emp who were still furloughed, which was primarily our state employees who were paid through a cooperative federal agreement,” Spicer tells Missournet. “So those approximately 200 Missourians are back to work today, and we’re very happy about that. In addition, the National Guard across the board is resuming normal operations, and what that means to the general public is that we will now be conducting our weekend drill activities as commanders work to reschedule those drills.”

AUDIO: Jessica Machetta interviews Capt. Tammy Spicer, Missouri National Guard (2:32).