We’re seeing the lowest gasoline prices in at least nine months and some observers are suggesting they’ll keep dropping.  Various organizations that keep track of fuel prices say Missouri’s prices are consistently among the country’s lowest.  Triple-A’s Daily Fuel Gauge says prices are down about 45 cents a gallon in the last month. 

Spokesman Mike Right says weak demand for gasoline, abundant supplies, low crude oil prices are factors.  But he says things could turn around quickly.  “There’s a lot of wild cards out there and God only knows when they might fall,” he says. 

But on the plus side, he says the hurricane season is about over, ending any uncertainty that Gulf Coast refineries or offshore drilling production will be disrupted.  And he says petroleum imports from Canada are adding security to the supply system.

The lowest prices are in the St. Louis area with one station selling gas priced at $2.81 a gallon to the mid 2-80s.  Most high prices in an internet survey are in the mid-3-20s with one station in Cape Girardeau charging $3.39 a gallon.

AUDIO: Right interview 8:19