I still laugh at Mizzou fans last year who were calling Corbin Berstresser a better quarterback than James Franklin.  The thought of having anyone else leading this Missouri football team is unimaginable.  While fans were thinking Franklin was washed up, he was going through an off-season of getting healthy, visiting a quarterback guru in California, working with a new QB coach in Andy Hill and arriving in Fall Camp with a chip on his shoulder.

Franklin is a top five quarterback in the SEC. We’ll see Aaron Murray from Georgia this week and Johnny Manziel later this year. Along with Zach Mettenberger of LSU, Franklin’s numbers are right up there with those other top tier SEC QBs.

Passing Yards Per Game
1. Murray–306.8
2. Manziel–297.8
3. Mettenberger–289.7
4. Franklin–281.4

1. Mettenberger–15
2. Murray/Manziel–14
4. Franklin–13
5. Carta-Samuels, McCarron–10

Total Offense Per Game
1. Manziel–360.6
2. Franklin–337
3. Murray–321
4. Mettenberger–281.7