The American Civil Liberties Union is suing the state corrections department, demanding to get information about the execution drug Propofol.  Executive Director Jeffrey Mittman says the department has broken a promise to release the information on September 28. The lawsuit accuses the department of violating the state’s open records law.

Mittman of the Missouri American Civil Liberties Union says the public needs to know how the state got the drug and how much it has.  Mittman also says there are questions about whether the department got the drug legally.

The department plans to use Propofol to execute prisoner Allen Nicklasson on the 23rd and another inmate next month.  Most of the Propofol used in this country comes from Europe. The manufacturer is thinking of limting exports if it is used for executions.

The state society of anesthesiologists  says the state’s use of the drug for an execution could create a national shortage of the drug for surgeries.

AUDIO: Mittman interview 5:09