Every year it happens.  Fans start debating if the best college football team could beat the worst NFL team. A computer ran a simulation of 50,000 games and found that the Blaine Gabbert Jacksonville Jaguars would beat two-time defending champion Alabama 91% of the time in a head to head matchup. I guess over the course of that many games, anything is possible, but if a game like this ever took place, what the computer fails to realize is, 53 professionals would never let college kids beat them in a one game matchup.  It wouldn’t even be close.

Enough of this talk, because the chances of us seeing a college team play an NFL team are about the same as us ever finding Bigfoot…oh wait, they have? Suuuuuure they have.

Finally, Fernando Rodney of the Rays ticked me off with his posing and sideways baseball cap. Don’t disrespect the game or your opponents…and for the sake of little league, leave the silly string at home!!!