Christie Leigh Mueller was born and raised a Kentucky Belle, and learned football from her grandmother. After teaching her girlfriends the game of football, she has spent the last three seasons on the road visiting all the SEC stadiums, including Missouri, conducting research on each school’s tailgating traditions, rituals and unspoken wardrobe rules.  Plus, she’s helping women understand the SEC game.  Guys, I think you could learn a little something from her too.

Christie joins me on a Hangout to talk about her travels, and gives Mizzou women and fans some tips on how to not only make your next tailgate even better, but how fans can be prepared for tailgating on the road as the Tigers visit Vandy, Georgia, Kentucky and Ole Miss this season.  You’ll be happy to hear, she was very impressed with how Mizzou fans tailgate.

I suggest you pre-order her book, “Gridiron Belles, A Guide to Saturday in Dixie.”

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