You see my headline so you know I’m going to vent, but before you get up in my face about being anti-United States, you need to watch the video first. In fact, I am a patriotic American who loves my country and its because of that pride, that I vent my frustrations about the Team USA sailing team.

First off, their story of triumph is remarkable. In a nutshell, America’s Cup is the trophy that is handed to the country whose yacht club wins a “best of 17,” race against another country’s top boat. The U.S. had won ever America’s Cup from 1870 until 1987, so the name of the trophy was fitting.

This year, Oracle Team USA was penalized two races at the start of the finals against New Zealand, “known as the Kiwis,” another powerhouse in sailing. It was determined the U.S. team cheated during preliminaries and were assessed two losses in the finals.  Down 2-0, Team USA fell behind 8-1, meaning the Kiwis would need just one more win to claim America’s Cup. However, Team USA rallied to win eight straight races including the 17th and decisive race yesterday to claim the trophy.

An amazing comeback story, no matter what sport. My issue is…I can hardly find any of the crew members whose country of origin is the United States. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m impressed with the accomplishments of these men, but are we really representing the United States when we have to pull crew members from countries such New Zealand, Austrailia and Great Britain?

It’s like we brought in ringers? I feel like this is basically New Zealand beating New Zealand.  I would compare it to bringing in Kenyans for the U.S. Marathon team.  Russians for the U.S. Chess team.  Canadians for the U.S. hockey team.  Get my point?

Enjoy the video.  Look for more on Google+ and YouTube.