The We Are Missouri coalition issued the following statement in response to the failed vote to override Governor Jay Nixon’s veto of SB29, a bill that would prevent unions from withholding union dues from workers’ paychecks. Supporters of the measure called the bill paycheck protection; opponents said it was more like paycheck deception.

“With his veto, Governor Nixon stood up for the basic rights of Missouri’s everyday heroes – and bipartisan opposition to this unfair bill in the House and Senate means SB29 will not become law,” Hugh McVey, President of the Missouri AFL-CIO, said in an e-mailed statement. “Although wealthy corporate special interest groups pushed for this paycheck deception bill that would take away the voice of teachers, nurses, social workers and other middle class Missourians, with bipartisan opposition the veto override fell short. The working people of Missouri and the affiliated unions of the Missouri AFL-CIO are grateful to the entire Democratic delegation who tirelessly opposed this shameful bill and for Sen. Wallingford for his courageous vote against SB29.”

“Making it tougher for me to be a union member wouldn’t help families struggling to make pay the bills,” said Catie Shinn, Eligibility Specialist for the State of Missouri. “The bipartisan opposition that stopped the bill from becoming law is a victory for people like me who work to help families here in Missouri.”

“Here in Southeast Missouri and across the state, voters made tens of thousands of calls, sent emails and letters and even met in person with their legislators to try and stop this radical legislation, said Mark Baker of the Southeast Missouri Central Labor Council. “Proposals like SB29 would reward the CEOs who only care about corporate profits, without a thought for the workers that generate them. Thank you to all the leaders who opposed this unfair bill and particular thanks to local Senator Wallingford for his opposition to the veto override.”

“Politicians in Jefferson City need to start working on job creation instead of making it more difficult for me to do my job,” said John White,  Developmental Assistant II for the State of Missouri in Sikeston. “As a union member, I voluntarily contribute to giving a voice to all workers, and I don’t need extremist legislators to get in the way of my freedom to make that decision. Plain and simple, these extremist proposals would do nothing but impede my rights as a worker.”