The long-debated tax-cut bill has failed in the House. Veto session began at noon today, with the House and Senate voting to override several bills, leaving others to fail.
The final vote in the House on House Bill 253 was 97 to 67. Meantime, the Senate is duscussing the Sharia Law bill. Sponsor Senator Brian Nieves of Washington says the bill has been mischaracterized, and it’s not about Sharia Law.
Earlier overrides in the Senate include bills that deal with animal abuse, a measure supported by various agricultural groups in the state; the Volunteer Health Services Act, which prevents volunteers during disasters from being vulnerable to certain legal action against them; and a bill that establishes procedures to follow in child custody and visitation cases for military personnel. The animal abuse bill carried in the Senate with the bare minimum amount of votes to override the Governor’s veto … 23 to 10.
Neither chamber has taken up a bill receiving national attention — the gun rights bill. Representative Doug Funderburk of St. Peters’ bill would essentially nullify any federal gun regulations in Missouri.