A special facility to serve National Guard members and their families who have problems because of call ups or repeated call ups has gotten a big financial boost. 

The Missouri National Guard Association is building a Resiliency Center on a Missouri River Bluff  at the Guard’s state headquarters east of Jefferson City. The Veterans United Foundation has committed $300,000 to the project, half the cost. 

The association says the center will provide individual and family counseling, substance abuse counseling, and suicide prevention services to present and former Guard members and other military personnel. Executive Director Joel Denney says military families deserve the kind of support the center can provide.

He says the services at the center will be offered on an outpatient basis.  Some of the services are avialble at local Guard headquarters.  He says the center will bring all of those services under one roof, improving efficiency of delivery.

Construction is expected to begin soon.  Denney has no completion date.

AUDIO: Denney interview 11;34