The state transportation department has used the latest technology to create the most accurate highway map in state history.  The department has printed 2.7-million of them. It’s so up to date that the new Stan Musial Veterans Bridge across the Mississippi River at St. Louis is included—and it’s not going to be open until early next year.  The map adds 252 miles of state-maintained highway, raising the total mileage in the state system to 33,891.

GIS Specialist Joe Carter has overseen the creation of the new map.  Unlike past maps that were built from their predecessors, this one started as a clean sheet.  “We used a new mapping softwar called ArtMap,” he says, along with land survey information, relational databases and GIS/GPS information brought in from the field.

The map includes more than 1500 towns as well as natural areas, state parks, conservation areas, and new trails.  It also has 14 insets on the back that give more details of cities or heavily traveled parts of the state, along with phone numbers and travel resources.

And if you don’t want a paper map, you can download it as a PDF file onto your favorite device.  (

AUDIO: Carter interview 13:56