I still don't get the whole "Ed Hochuli" look?

I still don’t get the whole “Ed Hochuli” look?

Golf Tournament in New Mexico for a high school fundraiser. $125 entry fee and a chance to win a car or $1 million if someone could sink a hole-in-one. Jeff Barton teed off on the ninth hole. The odds are 12,500 to one of making it…he does.  That’s not the point…What really cracks me up are the knuckleheads celebrating like they are going to get a cut of the winnings.  Meanwhile, I’m so competitive I’d probably storm off the course!

Everyone has been talking about Miley Cyrus and how ridiculous she looked and acted at MTV’s VMA show. That was good news for Robin Thicke. He was dressed like a cross between Beetlejuice and a referee. I joked with my friends that his next single would be called “Blurred Sidelines”…I wonder what that would sound like?